Advisory Committee

     The advisory committee of the library comprises of the Principal, librarian and three faculty members and two students from final UG and PG courses. Learning needs are provided to the readers from the UGC and state funds as per their requirement. The committee has initiated and carried out several activities such as purchase of books and journals as per the budget allotment and requirement. Also, the committee decentralizes the issue of books through department libraries by transferring the books under various subjects to respective departments.
     The general library has adequate reference books, newspapers and magazines. The department libraries issue books to students. There is no librarian. A senior staff member is incharge of the library. From library fund one (staff member) library assistant is appointed. Both incharge and assistant take care of walks in the library and library activities. Proposal has been sent to the Government for digitalization of general library, yet to receive the order from Government.

General Information:

• Total area of the General library (in Sq. Mts.): 122 sq.m
• Total seating capacity: 60 in general Library
• General Library is working for 8 hours on all working days and on Examination days. During vacation, only two days in a week were treated as holidays.
• Average number of walk-ins per month : 660
• Average number of books issued/returned per year : 3086
• Ratio of library books to students enrolled : 44678:3295 = 14:1
• Average number of books added during last three years : 612
• Manuscripts : The M.Phil dissertation and Ph.D theses of faculty and students and the manuscripts of student projects are available in department libraries to facilitate and encourage the students in research activities.
• Reference : A total of 2604 reference books and 600 back volume journals are available for reference.

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